Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Inscribed on the Statue of Liberty are the following words:

Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:

I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

For many, those words were what greeted them on their way to pursue their dreams and destiny. Now many years later, we hear a lot about illegal immigration, but my objective today isn’t to express my personal views on the current immigration problem or to debate who is right or wrong as our borders are flooded by undocumented people seeking a better way of life. My aim is to make people think about the melting pot in which we live.

With the exception of Native Americans, all people residing in the United States today have "roots" elsewhere. My humble heritage primarily is from the British Isles. My ancestors on my paternal grandparent’s side emigrated here in the 1850′s from Ireland (County Cork and County Kerry to be more specific). Once in America, the Goggin clan initially became railroad workers and later proud firemen for the State of Maine and the Maddocks lineage came from England with a recorded family tree that dates back into the 1500′s.

On my maternal side, the Ingalls line is so well-documented that it's simple for anyone doing genealogy research to tie into its broad branches. All Ingalls living in the United States have a common ancestor who emigrated here from England. The Farrell’s came from seafaring people originating from the British Isles. Farrington Smyth was the first and Americanized the family name to Farrell. Like everyone else, my ancestry is a mixture and I am the product of many people coming to America long ago to pursue the Great American Dream.

Many of us are a unique mixture of many cultures and races blending together over time. This great country we call home has come a long way since our founding fathers first welcomed our ancesters with open arms. As our ancestors heeded the call, they journeyed here to live together and stand united by becoming American citizens after passing through the hallowed golden doors of freedom.


  1. It's my view that our ancestors, no matter how well meaning, where a bunch of killers and thugs that should have stayed in their home countries and fixed the problems there.

    Oh well, our forefathers knew that America was an experiment, I dare say a failed one at this point.

    I'm a mutt, mostly English, Dutch, Irish, and Welsh, I was told. But who knows who was doing who behind the woodpiles, our ancestors kept a lot of things to themselves.

    I'm pretty sure that the man known as my father wasn't, my mother was a very horny woman that liked to have her need taken care of and 'dad' was overseas fighting a war at the time.

    Never had much respect for my mother but did admire her ability to get her need taken care of and am thankful for the better genes than the other kids got. (they died young)

    I should spend some time looking through your old posts to learn more about you, but I think I like it here.


    I guess that I can best describe myself as an outlaw. :-) I flat out hate this system we have, it just isn't working right, I don't think it was built right in the first place even though the forefathers meant well. And since then it's been shanghaied.

    I work hard at being a moderate but at any given minute can sound like a goddamn democrat or a goddamn republican. I wanna be king of my own country. Just like you would like to be Queen of yours. :-)

    Meanwhile, I have to settle for being king of my own property, such as it is. At least it's free and clear and cheap for me to live here, that really helps being as I'm a goddamn bum.

  3. I judge no one by their nationality, just by what/how they are and how they think. My first wife was half Native American and the last woman I was very intrigued with was from South America, too bad she was a spoiled little catholic bitch. :-)

  4. Everything else was plundered, pillaged or plagiarized

    Helen Keller never had an original thought in her life either. :-)

  5. I spend a hell of a lot of time trying to sort out and organize my unoriginal thoughts.

  6. About the post below, man, I've studied that subject inside and out, it's our most difficult emotion to sort out. Hey, what is love but a second hand emotion?

    I love Helen, the wise old country lady next door that I help stay in her home, but it's just a comfortable love, like an old shoe that fits well and has nothing to do with romance, or sex.

    Maybe it's not fair but I compare all available women to her and they just don't stack up.

  7. Love is like a yo-yo.... "Do you love me?" "Not feeling much of it right now but ask again in an hour." The ultimate test of love? Ask yourself, "Would I step in front of a speeding bullet to save this person?"

  8. my buddy bbc said to drop on by. i see he's been spreading his gospel.

    i'm a rational anarchist. i read heinlein's the moon is a harsh mistress and rational anarchy sound cool so that's what i adopted. so it goes.

  9. Billy & billy, I see the warden is letting all scroundrels in for visiting this week. billy (small b), so what exactly is a rational anarchist and more importantly, is it viral? Will I need a vaccine? Billy (big b) I thought you were doing something with your wood today???? Must I tell Helen that you're off playing instead of getting Free Spirit ready for the open waters? Boys, recess is over! Remember you can't have any pudding if you don't eat your meat!

  10. I'm working on the boat, but I am interested in this, not to mention a internut slut.

  11. "rational anarchist".... One that approves of anarchy thought out in a rational way and executed in such a way that it causes minimum disorder while bringing out social change that is for the better and good of all.

  12. I may as well state that I'm interested in you also, at least learning more about you. I think you're crazy and I like crazy women. :-)

  13. For the COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT: Might I point out that the last babe you gave the thumbs up got her own blog entry and I get a measly mention on page 6 under the comments section? What's up with that?

    Settle down hon, tomorrow you will be featured on the front page, and maybe for everyday after that, I may decide that you're special. :-)

  14. Billy (big b), are you billy (small b)'s spokesperson? I'm so glad he's rational. I just detest irrational anarchists. Oh Billy (big b), just ask anyone who knows me. They'll gladly tell you just how special I am. You did however mispigeonhole me. I'm a saucy tart and not an internut slut.

  15. Saucy tart is good enough. :-)

    No, I'm not Billy P's spokesperson, Billy P is his own man, and a good one at that. I just answered your question because it's not likely he'll be back to answer, he's a hit and run man, hits a blog, comments, and runs along to whatever else he is up to.

    I spend way to much time on the internut and at blogs so that makes me an internut slut. And I don't have time for Facebook, I call it Facefuck. :-) Or Twitter, I only deal with some twits in my comments section, hehehe

  16. Billy P and I go back four or five years so we know and understand each other pretty well. A few little differences aside.

    He lives in Vancouver Canada, dat's not far from me but we haven't met in person, yet. I have met a few of my blogging friends, Cher, she lives in Victoria (and came here to go camping with me once), Thimscool, he lives in South Carolina, and last year I went to Oregon to meet Rebeca, but she was short and fat and had some defective wiring. :-)

    Cher is bat shit crazy and hot but married and that's a line I won't cross. Fun to party with though.

  17. Jnuts, should I be worried?

    Billy (Big B), I can now safely promote billy (small b) to Billy P. I bet he'll be so grateful and relieved when he learns of his promotion. It's nice having blogging buddies who know and understand you...I have a few myself that go way back and seem to have the same type of defective wiring as mine. We're all gnarly bitches who zoom around the blogosphere in our black boots and riding crops.

  18. and yes, you should probably be worried. do the initials PP ring a bell?

  19. Jnuts, I was thinking about PP the other day. Does it ever make an appearance anymore? I know you prefer to be called the C word, but Queen Ovaltine just can't bring herself to use that word.

  20. I have a few myself that go way back and seem to have the same type of defective wiring as mine.

    I have many trades and skills from building homes to race cars (and maybe 'borrowing an airplane') and still have a good collection of tools and equipment, I have this long thin phillips screw driver (non magnetic) that I may be able to stick in one of your ears to adjust a few of your potentiometers with. :-)

  21. A word from the complaint department, I'm not liking the Ovaltine addition, it just doesn't seem to fit.

    As for Ovaltine, loved it when I was young, now I prefer chocolate, with double malt. :-)

  22. Sweetie, it's my middle name...complain to my mother and father.

  23. PP is a Purple People Eater.... as in "one-eyed, one-horned, flyin' purple people eater".

  24. Oh wow! It's been awhile since I've had anyone offer to tighten my screws. Oh geez! Oh geez! Oh geez! What do I do here? Oh, the breathless anticipation is just too much for me to bear. Calgon take me away...

  25. Okay, so it's your middle name but it makes the handle a little long, how about Mildred O Ratched?

    That was a cute song, "It was a one eyed one horned flying purple peter eater." hehehe

    It's been awhile since I've had anyone offer to tighten my screws.

    I didn't say tighten, I said adjust. :-)

    Calgon take me away...

    Um, all I have is a big bottle of Jergens Shea Butter and an imagination. :-(

    I'm checking out for the night, see you on the flip flop.

  26. Hum, Ovaltine, maybe my pet name for you should be Malty Tart. :-)

  27. Another fine mess I've gotten myself into (never end a sentence with a preposition, but right now to hell with proper grammar).

  28. Shawshank looking good? you may have to take one for the team.

    and I'm so glad you didn't actually speak the name that shan't be spoken. kind of like voldemort, you never know when or where he might come slithering.

    rita hayworth

  29. oh, and last I heard, pp was living under a bridge and eating fat, juicy children for fun AND profit.

  30. and...for the record, I loved the entry and learning a bit more about your heritage.

  31. Jnuts, and like Beetlejuice if I say it 3 times...well, you know what happens. Thanks on the thumbs up about the entry. I actually enjoy revealing things about myself. It makes me feel almost human.