Thursday, August 02, 2012


The last few months have been hectic to say the least. The blur starts with many trips to the doctor in the ongoing pursuit of trying to regulate my blood sugar combined with a fun-filled road trip to Maine. I took the plunge this year and drove instead of flying. One can really get a deep appreciation for our crumbling infastructure during a long distance road trip. What stands out most in my mind is how horrible the rest areas in the state of Connecticut are. It would be an vast improvement if the buildings were bulldozed in and replaced with portable toilets or old fashioned outhouses accompanied by a spigot or two to wash your hands, water your dogs and rinse those swollen feet. Seriously! Who would have thought Connecticut would be so nasty? Or maybe there's "secret" bathrooms that require a special handshake that I'm just not privy to because my car has Florida tags. Oh by the way, some of the interstates were horrible also, but the multitude of daylilies planted throughout North Carolina along the interstates almost made all the bad points and eye sores along the way pale in comparison.

Tomorrow I see a neurosurgeon because the problems with my neck have gotten bad enough to make me retract the "I'll NEVER have another neck surgery" statement I made almost 10 years ago. No feeling in my arms most of the time and when I do have feeling, they hurt like hell. Slice me! Dice me! At this point I just don't care. Then on Tuesday morning bright and early I have a liver biopsy scheduled. As I see it, I have a pretty good lead on the falling apart process. In between all the medical hoopla and my aimless wanderings, I've managed to keep on painting... I've found it's a great way to stay distracted.

My latest "masterpiece":


  1. Your painting is beautiful and so are you. I'm wishing you well with your medical issues.

  2. I also did the road trip to Maine and thoroughly enjoyed it. Took the high road on the way back and still marval ad God's creation:) As always your in my prayers. Keep on truckin girl!

  3. Medical matters are no fun; channel your inner Kahlo and keep on painting.

  4. I haven't had a chance to get back to your blog for awhile. I didn't realize you had so many medical issues. I pray that you will heal and your pain will go away.