Saturday, October 26, 2013


This day #11 in 30 SONGS IN 30 DAYS and before anyone especially the guys out here in this beautiful utopia we call blogland think I've lost my mind, let me first assure you I am in no way a Lorena Bobbitt type of woman.  With that said, let me explain why I picked this song as a guilty pleasure.  Any woman who is honest will admit contemplating doing real bad things to her honey if she's ever been in a  relationship with a real douche/tool/playa/asshole/scumbag/bully/bastard etc. etc. Yes, I know you guys have your terms of endearment and pet names for us, too! Most of us ladies don't take revenge past just thinking about it, just like most guys don't smack a woman around when she angers them. 

Since this is also the Day #1 of 30 TRUTHS IN 30 DAYS, this can be my first truth...if you treat a woman badly, she will at the very least conjure up elaborate visions of hurting you as badly as you have hurt her.  So isn't it just easier to play nicely, to share your toys and to put the toilet seat down after using it? But if you don't really like where you're at then just leave. PERIOD! Life is much too short to waste it on being with the wrong person.