While I was abducted by aliens, they revealed a new breed of cow indigenous to North Carolina (the oreo cow). This makes me wonder what type of magic mushrooms would grow in this field. The little green bastards also made it snow while I was there as punishment for me being uncooperative. I'm once again home sweet home in sunny Florida with the windows open so I can listen to my feathered friends singing. Isn't life wonderful when the aliens decide to probe the next person and kick you to the curb? I guess my "PROBE-FREE HUMAN" sign finally worked after all these years. Or maybe I'm just too old for the anal probe deluxe.

Gratitude statement: I'm thankful for Mother Nature and all her oddities large and small.


  1. Somehow, Oreo cows do not look nearly as appetizing as the cookie!

    It is good to know the aliens can be convinced to release their test subjects! *snickers....

    Your wish was my command - you will find what you asked for in the appropriate spot.


  2. crap. the only aliens that want to probe my ass drive pt cruisers, not spaceships.

    and for the moment, the weather here is divine as well.

    glad you returned safe and to speak.

  3. Dragon, these cows are soooooooo cute. I couldn't help but take a picture. And thanks for including your comment you left on Spaces. Where are you going on vacation?

    Jnuts, your kind of aliens aren't much fun. At least mine are creative and make crop circles. What do yours do? Also, you used to post fabulous photos this time of year of the dessert in bloom. Any chance of a repeat performance? We live in such different surroundings...I don't even know if you like the beach. Have you ever been to the Redneck Riviera?

  4. Not far - but it will be a busy one! My girlfriend lives in New Jersey - and does not travel well. So, my son and I will go by train to get her and bring her back here for a short visit. Its about 5 hours one-way - but I'd rather do that and read and arrive with my usual 100/60 than spend 3.5 hours fighting traffic and have a 200/160.
    She has spent time showing me her sunrises and sunsets - now its my turn to show her ours! if you'd like.

  5. I love the beach. San Diego is my favorite place on earth...Mission Beach to be precise.

    I haven't visited the desert this year, although with all the rains, the flowers are probably more beautiful than ever. I do have photos from past trips, though. Maybe I'll repost.

    My aliens like to whine and bitch about how they're mistreated.

  6. Jnuts, I've never been to San Diego, but I'll definitely put it on my "bucket list". And I do really wish you would post some pictures of the desert in bloom. The aliens told me to ask you to please write the next chapter to your story. They think it's just sitting there crying out for an ending.

  7. Dragon, the photos were great. I really enjoyed them...thanks for sharing!