I'm going to The Smoky Mountains and will be back blogging on the 26th.

Gratitude statement: I'm thankful spring is finally in the air!


  1. Enjoy the time away!
    See you when you return!

  2. Hey, how's it going? I almost didn't find your comment among all the solicitation's that were left in my comments section. Sorry, I didn't get back sooner, I haven't been on here much since the old computer died. Hopefully, I will see you around blogger more often.

  3. Dragon, thanks and I had a great time except for being sick most of the time I was gone. I was seated next to a girl who coughed and sneezed all over me until the airline attendant moved the girl and sat her right behind me...gee thanks!

    Jnuts, you could have tagged along! And no, I didn't go to Pigeon Forge. I was in North Carolina.

    Laoch, it was nice except for the the weather being so freaky...it was 70 when I got there and then it snowed a few days later.

    Andy, it's so good to hear from you and I'll pay your blog a visit again soon.