I started on Blogspot back in 2004, shortly after I discovered MSN Spaces. Because Spaces always seemed to keep me amused, I never did much with the blog I had on this site. Up until recently, Spaces was always homebase for me. Now, for many reasons I've decided to close down my blog on Spaces and call this spot home sweet home. As a result of my decision I've decided to move my old blog here, so if any of you are interested in visiting the other "me", you can either look for the link on my profile or click on it here:

(Refuge for the subtly sane, the mentally irregular and the politically incorrect)

This was the first blog I ever had and seems more like my child than anything else since so much of me went into it. A lot of the material posted on it will be "reposts" as I move my blog from Spaces to here.

Gratitude statement: I'm thankful for blogs because they allow me to satisfy being a glutton for punishment.

All gibberish within ©2004-2010 Mildred Ratched Memoirs.


  1. Satisfying your journalistic cravings?

    There are times when I wish I had a way of connecting my brainwaves to a storage area so I could later enter them into a blog. My head is always filled with so many thoughts and opinions however I have little capacity to retain this 'brilliant' stuff till I can write it down.

    Maybe that is just as well. I'd most likely make a complete fool of myself.

  2. Barbie, it sounds to me like you need to carry a mini tape recorder like doctors use to dictate their exam notes.

  3. good god, you're a glutton for punishment.

  4. i mean, of course, that you ARE a glutton for punishment...and possibly in need of blog therapy.

  5. Jnuts, yep that describes me to a tee! You think I should look into a 12-step program?

  6. Also...These blogs are one I've had over the last 6 years so with that said I don't think I'm a glutton after all....said slightly demented.