Recently, a male was talking to me about having a "fight" with his significant other. When I asked him to define "fight" he gave me a blank look. God, I love it when a man does that! I said," Okay let me help you. I want you to select what happened from one of the following:"

a. a "disagreement" is a verbal confrontation in which the involved parties usually come to some sort of compromise or settlement

b. an "argument" is a heated verbal assault in which the involved parties usually have to cool down before a resolution can be made.

c. a "fight" is a physical confrontation usually initiated by harsh words in which no compromise, resolution or settlement is made.

He said, "damn, I didn't realize those 3 things meant 3 different things, but I reckon it was the first one. It was just a little fight." I laughed and went on to ask him if he also says his wife "bitches" all the time. I tried to educate him about selecting the proper use of words, but I didn't make much head way. I do think he at least thought about what I had to say even though he really didn't understand a word of it.

Gratitude statement: I am very thankful for the clarity I possess.

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