And tired and sick...
Some people like springtime. I like being able to breathe. Pollen + asthma = Sore chest, nagging cough, extreme fatigue and high blood sugar.

Gratitude statement: Cough! Cough! Cough! Choke! Gasp for air! Wheeze! Cough! Cough! I'm thankful that this pollen will eventually go away. Hopefully, I'll live to see it happen.

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  1. there is no escape - it is hellish here too.
    Only hope is the heat will burn the nasty pollen away.

  2. i do not envy you. here, we have something called "valley fever." used to be called dust pneumonia, i believe. add that into the mix and spring is the season to hate.

    get well. now. you here me? NOW!

  3. I'm pretty fortunate when it comes to all that nasy stuff. I feel for you and any others who suffer with it. I like summer better anyways....

  4. just checking in...hoping that you are still alive, and on the mend.

  5. drag yourself to the keyboard and let me know you're alive.