The Story Of Lynne Continued --

When Lynn suggested we go to Florida, it didn't surprise me. It was cold and winter was far from being over. In New England, people could always count on winter dragging on into April. We packed what we could put in our backpacks and the rest we gave away. Then off we went. By the time we made our way to the Turnpike, we were giddy with anticipation and already planning what we would do with all that Florida sunshine. We didn't have to wait long before we got a ride. Females seemed to always have it easy hitchhiking.

The guy that picked us up looked like a Scandinavian God...blonde, blue eyes and a killer smile. Lynne and I got in the car and immediately we fell into a 3-way conversation. Naturally, he asked where we were headed. In unison, we boastfully said,"Florida". He told us he was heading home after checking out the college that he was going to attend in the fall. He had gone to Boston just to explore and kill some time before heading home again. For him, home was in the Midwest. I could tell he had piqued Lynne's interest when he told us he was going to attend Brown University. She immediately started working her womanly wiles on him, but he seemed immuned. I was amazed because I was witnessing a new event! I enjoyed sitting back watching how he reacted to her advances. He seemed oblivious and kept smiling at me and asking me questions. When he jokingly told her that we didn't need to go to Florida, but should come to Wisconsin with him, she didn't hesitate to take him up on his offer. So off we went headed towards Milwaukee instead of towards the palm trees and sandy beaches of Florida. The harder she tried to capture his undivided attention, the more he seemed to talk to me. When he revealed he played the flute, he insisted on giving me lessons while he drove. Lynn looked annoyed, became silent and finally fell asleep.

By the time we got to Ohio, things had gotten pretty icy inside the car and Lynne had very little to say to either one of us. When we stopped at a rest area, she opted to stay behind claiming she didn't need a bathroom break nor did she need to stretch her legs. When we returned to the car, Lynne was gone. I immediately panicked, but then saw what she had done. While we went inside, she got out of the car, made her way across the interstate to the Eastbound lanes and stuck out her thumb. We caught a glimpse of her just as a car stopped and she ran to get inside of it. She never even looked back. I just stood there in disbelief. I had been abandoned and for what? I stood there in the cold trying to think what my options were. I kept saying over and over again, “I can’t believe she did that to me!” Finally, he gently placed both hands on my face and made sure I was looking at him when he said "come with me". As we drove off heading towards Wisconsin, he carefully laid out a plan for the next few months until it was time for him to head back East to Rhode Island to start college. His plan seemed to include everything...even reassurance that everything would be okay. His plan sounded good to me...afterall, I was, but 15 years old. What did I know about anything?

Unfortunately, his plan had a mind of its own and didn't follow the path that had been mapped out, but that's another story for another day. As fate would have it my interlude with the young man named George Daggett from Wisconsin was brief, yet very memorable. Over the years I wondered if he attended Brown University, how his life turned out after our encounter and if he ever wondered what became of me. I often think of people who made impressions on me and wish I could get a glimpse of them now...just a peek to see that they’re okay and if life has treated them well.

Gratitude statement: I'm thankful for each wrong turn I made because without them, I would have never met some of the people who helped make me who I am today.

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  1. HOLY FIZOOLLIII! Write a book woman! I'm frothing for more! Details! What happened when you went with him? What happened to Lynne? How did you guys meet back up? I'm sure (hope) you will write about it on here. I want to google that dude!
    take care.. and I can't wait for tomorrow's entry!

  2. New flash....I am writing a book BUT it's at a stand still because I have a huge block. I suppose I should write about George next since he entered my life while I was aimlessly wondering and steered me away from Lynne and towards looking at a more stable future. I never allowed myself that luxury and with him I found that dreaming felt good even though it never happened as planned.