The Story Of Lynne Continued --

It was funny how before I ran away from home, Lynne and I spent most of our free time together, yet when we both had nothing, but free time, we did our own thing and the need to be together lessened. I found endless adventures as I spread my wings and went off on tangents here and there. I viewed exploring as a rite of passage that was like stepping through a portal into Wonderland. I became Alice over and over again!

One of my more memorable adventures which I have mentioned on occasion was going to Washington D.C. for MayDay 1971 and becoming part of the "MayDay Tribe". What started out as a peaceful demonstration against the Viet Nam "War" turned into a riot. The slogan for Mayday explained its purpose... "If the government won't stop the war, the people will stop the government." What became the largest and boldest civil disobedience action in American history is also the least remembered by historians.

The people I went with were arrested along with thousands of others who were housed in a make-shift jail at RFK Stadium aptly named "State Concentration Camp No. 1". I finally hitchhiked back to Boston and slept for what seemed like 20 years waking just in time for the festive demonstration there. I felt like Rip Van Winkle with my "Catskill Mountains" being The Boston Commons/Public Gardens and Beacon Hill area. When I awoke my battered body was still in one piece and my tear gas burnt eyes could see clearly again.

I was "home" again and safety seemed to once again surround me. I don't really know what made Lynne decide it was time to move on, but I wasn't surprised when she suggested we go to Florida. Spending another winter in the North seemed to pale in comparison to the images I envisioned of what Florida would adventures! I was ready to go in a flash! In my mind I would always carry with me the hours I spent along Charles Street watching the world go by or in the Boston Commons mingling with the street people...they were my true brothers and sisters and Boston would always be that "special" place - a place to one day return and walk the streets again as an older, wiser person.

Gratitude statement: I'm thankful that I lived to be an older person even though I haven't been back to Boston to revisit those spots from my past yet.

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  1. Do you feel a kinship to the "old" you of those days?

  2. Laoch, without the "old" me there would be no "new" me so to answer your question, yes, I feel a strong kinship.

  3. i've often wondered what prompted you to move down south.

  4. Jnuts, while I was in drug rehab (ages 16 to 18) my mother got remarried and moved to Florida. Upon my release, I had 2 places to go...back to my hometown (square #1) or to a fresh start in Northwest Florida (which by cultural standards is just an extention of lower Alabama).