From the time women are little girls, they are poisoned with manthrax. They are led to believe in mystical White Knights and Prince Charmings that never arrive or if they do arrive, they mysteriously turn into an asshole wrapped in tinfoil before Act II. How can anyone who has unrealistic expectations about relationships have a successful relationship? What I learned along the way was that some people aren't meant to be together and that love no matter how intense it may be, sometimes isn't enough to make a relationship last. What I learned as a child who endured years of sexual abuse, is if someone who is supposed to love me will do something that hurtful, what is the rest of the world going to do to me? For such children, all White Knights and Prince Charmings are only a wolves in sheep's clothing!

Strong women walk away from relationships that don't work...they don't settle for something just to escape from being alone. Weak women unfortunately stay put and remain in relationships that are unhealthy and unsatisfying. Woman with unresolved issues always seek out men who are bad for them. They have a self-fulfilling prophesy that lets history repeat itself time and time again. Theirs seems almost like a curse from which there is no escape.

Now, I'm wondering if the reality I see and have lived all these years, will prevent me from ever having a successful relationship. I wonder if I may have a hair trigger on my "fight or flight" mechanism that makes me bail out way too early and if I exhaust all avenues to resolve problems before calling it quits. Many say you just have to go with the one with the least amount of flaws and baggage, but is it wrong to feel that love should be more than just a toss up between the lesser of evils?

Gratitude statement: I feel as though my current journey of sorting through things with the help of my yoyo inspector, will help me find answers to my questions. For that I am thankful!

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  1. No one should just go with the flow... Nor take the less of two evils just to be with someone. My thoughts are if someone truly wants to be with someone than God will give them the desire of their heart...just my oppinion of course!

  2. why should love be any different than politics. lesser of two evils sounds about right.

    truthfully, i'm not sure you would like my answer on this entry.

  3. Margie,I think "God" gave me too much desire and not enough good sense where men are concerned.

    Jnuts, you had better come back here and give me your true response to my entry. You know I expect nothing, but the truth from you! Who gives a flying fuck if I like what you write or not? Just write it!

  4. Good questions, all of them. I wish you luck sorting them out - they seem to be universal questions and dilemmas.
    I hope you can find someone 'good enough'

  5. I made a decision to go for the total opposite man I usually do. The last one was so stealthy in his abuse I never thought I would ever be able to live on my own after 10yr. Opposites may attract,but like magnets their strength is drained away. I decided to take a chance with someone who is spiritually and otherwise just like me- but physically nothing like I would have approached before. There is nothing to walk away from in this relationship because I would be walking away from myself.

  6. Ur-spo, I'm just one of those whining, bitching women who would rather complain than actually find Mr. Right! Geez, Mr. Right would scare me to death and I wouldn't know what to do with him! LOL

    Peaceful, so are you happy now?

  7. did someone call?

    seriously, it's not your entry that upsets me. I realize it is "supposedly" humorous. and as a member of the sexual abuse club, it's hard for me to disagree with the reason for your words. but...
    and isn't there always a takes two and always has. now(before I go any further, I'm talking about adults here), if men are the way they are, it took a woman to get him there. let's not pretend women are blameless.

    you might say, well, then, mr. perfect (yes, that's how I prefer to be addressed) then write your own little diatribe about the fairer sex and let's compare notes, discuss and educate each other.

    about that, let me say this: momma didn't raise no fools. and besides, who has the year it would take to read the damned thing.

    for me, it's all about baggage. we all have it, male and female. there are different reasons, of course, but baggage nonetheless. instead of trying to psychoanalyze, i feel it's better to just throw out the suitcase and get on with life. people like us know why we act and do the things we do. changing our behavior without blaming everything in the world on someone or something else is what is going to get us all moving in the right direction. nothing else. not even "god."

    once again, my two cents, and worth just about as much.

  8. and...i meant the above comment to be on the previous entry. apparently, i'm not so perfect, after all.

  9. Jnuts, as always you're forgiven for any imperfections you may have. I started reading your long comment and immediately started thinking WTF???? this isn't making any sense and then you came back and cleared up the mystery. Yes, it was meant to be humorous and if I made the same type of categorgies for women, I'd have a mutiny on my hands. We both know, women are far worse than any man ever could even attempt being.