The number of people taking antidepressants is already overwhelming and those numbers keep increasing each year. Why? Could it be that somehow we get smothered by the everyday humdrums of living? Does the fast pace and stress in which we work have us drowning in a corporate cesspool? As we grow older, do we slowly forget how to have fun? Does laughter and adventure always have to come with a such a high pricetag?

It's imperative to broaden our horizons in whatever way we feel best suits us instead of becoming imprisoned in a life where we feel void of being who we really are. We owe it to ourselves to stretch our wings, to go for the gusto and to pass along the secret of remaining forever not compromise! Stay true to yourself and walk towards happiness instead of being completely blinded by obligation and by society's morals. Be fearless... be yourself!

Do whatever it takes to "FEED YOUR HEAD"!!!

Gratitude statement: I'm grateful that I'm taking my own advice. I'm going away for the weekend!

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  1. I'll be with you in spirit this weekend.

    i've never cared much for society's mores. you and i both remember what it felt like to be tempted by our generation's (taken from Thoreau) phrase: "Dance to the beat of a different drum" and know that it was a good thing, not bad.

    Individuality still rules in my book. Dance your ass off, lady.

  2. All I can do is be myself and I exspect nothing more from others...

  3. Something I see every day at work -
    Patients are offered choices - they could deal with mood disorders with diet/exercise, therapy and working on stress elimination - and eliminating bad things. They hear the risks/merits - and limitations of taking a Rx. Few people take the former choice; they are often lazy in my opinion, or want short quick solutions rather than long term. On a less judgmental note, many do not have the time/money to invest in proper therapy.