I grew up the kid sister of 3 jocks. Being in that position and growing up in a rather small town, it gave me a certain celebrity status that I hated. From the time I became interested in the opposite sex, I was faced with the dilemma of "Oh, you're Brian's or Jeff's or Carl's baby sister!"

You see, no one appeared to want to chance my brother's wrath by appearing interested in me. I learned clever tricks like losing my last name and becoming just "Karen" at an early age. As a result of being the youngest and only girl, I also developed a keen sense of what men are really like at an early age. I never went through a giggly stage or one that I was shy around boys. I learned early on that in order to survive a few things were necessary:

1) Be fearless and adventurous

2) Stay 2 steps ahead of them or else you'll get trampled to death

3) Learn to love sports, so you'll never be a "football widow"

My love of sports has carried on throughout my life and now, I can look back and see that what I was learning went so much deeper than developing a love of sports. The real lesson I learned was to find things in common with a potential mate. I've always remained open to trying new things and have felt my horizons were broadened by having an open mind. Whether it's watching the World Series on TV, being in a stadium during a football game, camping out under the stars in some remote spot or attending opening night at some new art gallery each event has brought me a certain amount of pleasure by simply allowing myself to soak in the moment.

Gratitude statement: When I see how narrow life has made some people, I'm thankful that life has always made me more compassionate and open to new and different things.

All gibberish within ©2004-2010 Mildred Ratched Memoirs.


  1. I like your gratitude statement very much.

  2. I've decided instead of sports (containing balls) I'll take up cooking as my good quality. I think my love for cars will take care of the rest.