What started out as being diagnosed as an ovarian cyst, grew arms, legs and developed a head with a brain directly connected to a mouth. Thirty-five years ago, I gave birth to a cyst that grew into being a full blown princess! This princess didn't utter "momma" as her first words...the word "MINE" was her very first word and she demonstrated that she concretely grasped the concept of ownership at a very early age.

Today, my daughter is the proud owner of a NOOK which she named Nookie Nook. Nookie also is adorned with an apple green suede cover. With a photo my daughter took of her son, (my ONLY grandchild) the other day as wallpaper, Nookie is ready to supply hours of unadulterated pleasure. It truly is the perfect gift for an avid reader who has limited space to hold countless books. Nookie holds up to 15,000 ebooks which can be shared with other NOOK owners.

As she petted it and pulled it out several times to look at it during lunch, I realized I had gotten her just the right gift (but I always do)...

Gratitude statement: A simple smile and the sparkle in my daughters eyes when she's happy is enough to light up the whole world. I'm thankful for being able to make that happen every now and then!

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  1. and here I thought "nook" was yet another euphemism for, know.

    and remember, my birthday is swiftly approaching and I'm an avid reader. hint. hint.

  2. aweeee you wrote about nookie, the princess and her son..... how perfect! Love it. Thanks again for the MOST perfect gift... you always make them special. love you bunches!!
    PS.... I got a NOOK and the rest of you don't- just goes to show everyone who she loves the most!!! Know your places!!!!

  3. Wow! She is her mothers daughter...LOL. Nothing makes me happier than puting a smile on any one of my daughters faces... We are very lucky women!

  4. oh dear
    I had the same reaction as JustJock!

  5. Jnuts, have you actually checked one out yet? They're neat! You should tell your family that's what you want for your bday. They run about $259 and right now they have a $50 gift gard that you get with a purchase so you can start buying ebooks. Each month you can get a free ebook from a best selling author and all classics are free. College students can really save money by purchasing their textbooks from the publishers. If they usually spend about $750 for book, ebooks would only run about $250 and they wouldn't have to carry around 50 pounds of book...a NOOK only weighs about a pound. Do you think Barnes & Noble will give me a commission for each one I sell? LOL
    Princess, behave yourself!

    Laoch, yes they are...I was really impressed and I don't get that way very often.

    Margie, I guess we're just good mothers. I'm taking my son, Matthew to see the Red Sox and the Yankees play at Fenway during the last series in the regular season for his 30th bday. [GO RED SOX] And I bought my son, Daniel a laptop for his bday last year.

    Ur-spo, you and Jnuts are naughty boys and as soon as you start behaving, the birthday fairy will bring you a Nookie Nook.