For me, religion and spirituality are separated by an abyss. While religion is man made and may very well be fabricated with the purpose of being an "opium" to many, spirituality is something I believe we are born with and which leads people into an open-minded exploration. As children, we experience the greatness of the world around us and are in awe of its many mysteries. As we explore and learn, many find a need to explain those mysteries while others simply say they are acts of their higher power.

Yes, God has many faces and has many names throughout the world. Regardless of where we live or whether we worship God or not, we all recognize some force greater than ourselves. Many people believe we are part of some master plan. Those people embrace life by accepting things are what they are and happen as acts of destiny or fate. Others believe in a chaotic universe where everything that happens are random acts that are not guided by some supreme being but by the actions and reactions of physical world around us. Ultimately, we all believe what makes us most comfortable.

I believe the more open-minded a person is the more apt they are to question the world around them and be less satisfied with a catch all answer to everything. The more open-minded a person is the more likely they are to explore the outer boundaries of everything before forming a conclusion. I'm not saying closed-minded people are not capable of deep thought. What I am saying is people with closed minds are more likely to be satisfied with being pigeon holed into a herd mentality and thus, toe the line regarding their beliefs while open-minded people test the limits. Guilt is a powerful enforcer and many fear taking a chance of eternal damnation by questioning God. Socrates once said, "an unexamined life is not worth living". I say each of us has a duty to question whether the beliefs we carry with us are really ours as a result of a close, thorough examination or as a result of a simple herd mentality.

Gratitude statement: I'm thankful that before I ever drink any kool-aid, I always know all the ingredients first.

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  1. when I was in college, a professor (and I'm thinking it was the philosophy prof) said that generally, the more education a person has, the more likely he is not to believe in god.

    that's a pretty general statement, and bound to piss off a lot of people, however, i tend to agree. your entry pretty much says the same thing. substitute 'open-minded' for 'more educated' and both statements ring true.

    i've never been one to "baaaaaaaaaaaaa" just because others do. i'm grateful for that.

  2. and let me clarify: i don't believe in a supreme being sitting on a throne in heaven. and as far as bleating, I speak of organized religion.

    as you say (if I understand correctly) spirituality is something entirely different.

    personally, I believe man created god...and He/She/It originally came from a deep spirit within. a spirit that made itself known when we, in our need for answers to something larger than ourselves, created something that we could put a name to and hopefully understand...with our limited brain cells.

  3. Jnuts, I'm grateful that you've returned and in your infinite wisdom have once again made me smiled! (I originally used "more intelligent". On edit, I thought it sounded much too arrogant and wasn't exactly how I felt. A small tweak and "open-minded" was born). I agree with your slant on man creating God as a way to "explain" the unexplainable. By the way, "Imagine" is now playing on my playlist...irony?

  4. Hmmm... If "we" humans created God then WOW we are a powerful race....imagine the strength n power that we would hold in our hands....Than Why praytell is this world in the horrible shape that it is and Why have we not invented a cure for all the deadly illnesses in the world! Why is ther such pain and misery if we humans hold such power!!! Because we don't... I know many many well and highly educated men and woman of God. Most don't go around boasting of their higher education but are thankful God gave them such intelligence. God always has been and always will be...He will NOT be mocked.

  5. Margie, Margie, Margie you missed the whole point...the only thing powerful that humans possess are powerful imaginations. Now, I ask the same thing of your God...if He/She/It is so powerful then why is the Earth is such horrible shape. Why do horrible diseases exist? Why do the good die so young? Why are the faithful plagued with such misery throughout their lives?

  6. Margie: I don't believe I'm mocking him...as I don't believe in him or organized religion. Being a good christian, I am sure you will pray for my Hell-bound soul, and for that I thank you, but my truth is not the same as yours, and at this point in both of our lives there is absolutely no reason to discuss this red button issue, because neither one of us will change the other's mind. I'm comfortable with that.

    Because I adore Mildred, her experience, her take on life, love and religion, I will refrain from engaging any further discussion of this topic...unless you piss me off. Hahahahaha.

  7. sorry, mildred. I was signed into the wrong account at the time of my comment. don't want you to think I was avoiding anything.


  8. My dogma is Karenism or maybe it should be Ratchedism! Fuck it! I'm just abnormally normal! Yeah baby!