I'm one of those people who give my 150% in anything I do, but have felt at times my giving nature has set me up to be used. Since I don't know how to be any other way and have no desire to alter who I am, I'm left with the question of when is enough really enough? If survival of the fittest decides who actually will inherit the earth, is it the emotional vampires (people who drain us completely dry) who will reign supreme or will it be the do-gooders and hermits who rise above the rest?

Gratitude statement: I'm thankful for having the strength remain true to myself and to remain compassionate to others even when I'm in jeopardy of being hurt.

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  1. Well sit me down and shut my mouth..... as I was contemplating the exact same thing, here it is in black and - well - red.....
    If you don't mind, I believe I shall just sit beside you and contemplate the same.........

  2. the only lasting damage you can incur in a relationship comes when you let selfish or small people change who you are. i just open up and take whatever the others are giving,sometimes you know how it;s going to end up, but that;s when you have to slowly back away, before you start being like them in self defense.By our age, you know what's happening, you just have to acknowledge it, and not keep thinking you can remake the other person with love and kindness.BUT sometimes, you can encounter someone who is also a giver, and a trier, then you'll be glad you didn't close up that part of yourself, that part that makes us human.

  3. Well I am new at this new technique I'm trying and it's still being tested. I am a giver also, to the point I would give everything I had just to be loved by anyone. But, now, that I've learned to love myself and take care of me first.. which really isn't that selfish now that I know what it's like. (I don't require much to be happy... food, water and a scratch behind the ear every now and again so long as I do it with the purpose of taking care of me.) I find that my giving is much more helpful and I don't loose a part of myself in the process. Sure, you might lose those people that were siphoning your last drop of tequila..err... gas. But who needs those people that really don't love you anyway?