In a few weeks, I'll be in Maine amongst old friends and family being a bonafide Maineiac while eating "lobstah", whoopie pies and groovin' on the vibes that always seem the most familiar to me. On the Maine itinerary this year are two reunions... one for the people who grew up in or around my old neighborhood. To date there will about 50-60 people there...just a small and hopefully, sinfully decadent shindig and the second reunion is one that moves to different locales each year. The reunions for this exclusive bunch of people are generally small, but people always have a great time being together again and catching up. To date reunions have taken place in Woodstock, NY, Williams Lake, NY (upstate near Woodstock), St Pete Beach, FL and Jackman, Maine) This reunion is for former residents and staff members of a drug rehab I was in for 2 years. I always shake my head when I have to write or say "two years" because drug rehabs of that era were so much different than the ones of today. My two years were spent "drinking the kool-aid" so I would be deemed ready to join the real world again.

These remaining weeks before I go "home" normally would be spent putting the finishing touches on the two events I'm hosting and planning other activities, but my heart is heavy because I have one friend who was put on hospice care yesterday and was given 2-8 weeks. I hope I'll be able to see him while I'm in Maine and not have to attend a funeral while I'm home. My heart also aches for the son of a close friend of mine who was stabbed and left to bleed to death in the middle of the street. Fortunately, a kind stranger decided to do the right thing by calling 911, so Jason was rushed to the hospital, patched up and put in ICU. While the meth head who stabbed him is already out on bail, Jason is sentenced to the excruciating pain of recovering from his injuries.

Gratitude statement: Life is really fragile and short! The trick is not to take anything or anyone for granted for they may not be here tomorrow.

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  1. Karen, I'm so very sorry to hear all the bad news that colors your soon-to-be homecoming. .
    I find it ever so sad that while we are able to enjoy life the most is the same time that we think that it goes on forever.
    I hope you friend recovers fully - is good that there are a few 'Samaritans' left in this world. And I shall pray that for however long your other friend is in this world, the pain is nil and his mind is clear.
    Take care!