Earlier today, a friend lost his heroic battle with cancer. Instead of writing something focused on sadness, I wanted to post something that would stand as a tribute to a wonderful man and great friend to all who knew him. So Dennis, I will write about the baseball team you loved and followed right up until the end.

Within each sport, there rises a team to the status of having a dynasty. This dynasty usually lasts a few years and then someone else gets their time in the spotlight. Superstars naturally are part of each dynasty and the team's fans get to enjoy seeing their team win championships and become virtual gods for a period of time. During the dynasty era they become "the team to beat" and the measuring stick for greatness. I can think of no sport nor any other team that has had the success nor the immortality of baseball and the New York Yankees.

Superstars seem to come and go, yet the team itself and just the sheer name conjures thoughts of greatness regardless of what era one thinks of the Yankees as being part of. They certainly have dominated each era and continue to be "the team to beat" year after year. It's almost as if the sheer magic of wearing a Yankees uniform transforms mere mortals into baseball gods. These gods have used curses, talent, huge salaries and team spirit to keep others at bay and it seems as if each year as the baseball season winds down and it comes time for the post season to begin what people always think is "I wonder who the Yankees will play in the World Series this year!"

Love them? Hate them? Regardless of what team holds a person's allegiance, one must at least pay the Yankees the respect they are due for being the greatest baseball team that ever was and probably ever will be. The rest of us, the non-Yankee fans can only hope occasionally they'll have an off season and our teams can play and win the World Series!

Rest in peace, Dennis! You'll be missed by all the people whose lives you touched and although I'm a diehard Red Sox fan, it's okay if the Yankees win this year just for you.

Gratitude statement: I feel fortunate to have been included amongst the people Dennis called a friend and the bond I share with all my Kinsman Hall friends is one that has transcends time and distance.

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  1. and dennis was lucky to have you in his life.

  2. Nice sentiments and a wonderful tribute for your friend. Sorry for your loss.

  3. I am sorry for the loss of your friends. In many ways our friends are our most valuable possessions and their loss is endlessly sorrowful.