I'm wondering if along with many other things that seem to fade with age, if a person's ability to love wanes. I'm wondering if during our lifetime we manage to do even one selfless act if that one act will be enough of a reminder to always strive to be the best person we can for as long as we can. I'm wondering if karma really does catch up with us and if all those not so nice deeds we did in our younger years comeback to us in how we spend our golden years. After all the heartache I've witnessed regarding the aging process, I'm wondering if I really want to experience old age.

Gratitude statement: I'm thankful I have what appears to be an entirely different relationship with my children than my mother has with hers.

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  1. In some ways it's all a matter of relative perspective.

  2. I am learning that the only thing I can do to prepare is to learn to ask for and accept help. And make friends & be at home wherever I may be.
    Because it is all going to be taken away at some point.

  3. Our past definetly has a way of catching up to us. And my thoughts are, we will pay for our so called sins,depressing as it is but we should always strive to be the best that we can be as long as God gives us breath. Doesnt mean our life is doomed...

  4. I have to constantly remind myself, even though sometimes it's a struggle. There are so many days that the dark part of me wants to take over. My fear is that if I let it out, will it stay. Old age would be unbearable if that happens......I choose keep up the fight....this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!!!!