The older I get the more convinced I am that Murphy's Laws are everywhere especially in the dynamics of relationships. Have you ever wondered why all the good ones are married, too young, gay or live too far away? Have you ever given any thought as to why good women are attracted to bad boys and nice guys crave bitches? I believe we have a inherent drive to be challenged and to possess what we don't/can’t actually have.

Have you ever watched a good woman who happens to "get" the bad boy of her dreams? Doesn't she immediately go to work on him to change all the things about him that attracted her to him initially? If she wanted a nice guy, why didn't she just go find one and save herself a lot of grief?

I think people need to learn to be more accepting of each other's differences and curb that need to remodel someone into what we think they should be or could be. Ideally, when we fall in love with someone, who they are at that moment should be the person we should always love. Yes, people grow and change somewhat over time, but aren't we basically the same person we always have been...just a little older and hopefully wiser?? So always remember while sowing your wild oats on Saturday night, pray for crop failure on Sunday and before you find your prince or princess, you have to kiss a lot of frogs!

Gratitude statement: Sometimes I'm really thankful I'm flying solo.

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  1. Yes, I've been there and done those things. I suspect that sometimes, maybe usually, we really don't know what we want.

  2. Doug, we're supposed to know what we want? Oh no! I must have missed class the day they were teaching that!