I have to apologize for the delay in the start of my discussion of the Bible. I know everyone was waiting in breathless anticipation! God must have smote me for being the blasphemous heathen I am. I haven't felt well for a few days thus no blog entry. A friend who will remain nameless thinks I'm depressed...God probably did that, too. I must be getting mentally spanked to go along with the physical ass kicking my health has received in the past 10 years.
Actually, I shouldn't give God credit for my demise. Let's give credit where credit is due! My decision to live fast and hard in years past is catching up with me now (a mixture of free will and karma, no doubt) and my mental state (IF it is in bit of a blue funk lately) is that way because it's difficult to live a "normal" life when normalcy is no longer an obtainable commodity. Wait! Was normalcy ever obtainable for me? That question is way too freaky for me to attempt to answer today!

I'd like to start my discussion of the Bible at the beginning (always a great place to start). Supposedly somewhere sits a supreme being (please insert mental picture of a very old man in robes) who at some point in time decided it would be a good thing to start creating things (some think this all happened about 7,000 years ago). In 7 days, wham bam thank you, ma'am the creation was complete...heaven, earth, the entire universe (the whole kit and kaboodle right down to the lowly pond scum). Man started his existence naked in a paradise in which he immediately started testing his boundaries and trying to destroy the perfection God had bestowed upon him. It makes me wonder why God didn't create a smarter being than that. One a little more peaceful? A little healthier? A little more compassionate? A little more driven to do the right thing? Wasn't man created in the likeness of God? I guess when it only takes 7 days to create everything, some flaws should be expected! Perhaps someone should check the tag to the backside and see if it says "Made in China"!

This supreme being gave man free will, yet when man uses his free will and acts disobedient/immoral, he's punished. Think, but do not act! Act, but do not think! It just seems to me that it's a real waste of human flesh to "allow" people to do horrid, sinful things because their Creator felt the need install free will instead of good judgment and brotherly love. From a nonbeliever's viewpoint, it appears the Christian community, at large, is constantly being tested, judged and having a proverbial carrot dangled in front of their collective noses. It also appears to me that the faithful are faithful primarily due to the fear of retribution and not from a place of love. Perhaps frustration is why Christians are so easily angered and prone to violence....just a thought! Fear breeds all sorts of unsavory things.

Isn't it equally sinful (or at least overly selective) and arrogant to only want those among us who freely believe to have eternal life in the hereafter? Aren't we all supposed to be God's creatures? Why do the ones who "claim" they believe, yet make no attempt to live a truly righteous life get favor over someone who has lived a good life helping others, but doesn't adhere to any Christian dogma?
Even a serial killer can have everlasting life as long and he repents and is "saved", but someone like the Dalai Lama is doomed to burn in Hell according to what Christians believe? So as long as you become submissive and repentant, the path to Heaven is yours? Perhaps some nice swampland in Florida might interest you also!

Ask 50 different Christians about what they believe and you'll get 50 different versions of the same story. Fundamentalists say the Bible is the literal word of God, while others believe the Bible is a collection of allegories meant to be used as religious guidelines. Each Christian denomination differs, but the differences are man made and come from man's inherent need to explain the unexplainable and to promote his own beliefs. Each denomination has their own way to put a believer on the path of righteousness and each denomination believes theirs is the ONLY true way to salvation. Too bad for those other less enlightened, less fortunate Christian sects along with all the non-Christian religions and the pitiful, uncivilized heathens like me! I guess they'll all find out they goofed up when they die. Oops! I hate when that happens.

Next on my hit list: The First Family (not the Obama's) and incest


  1. forgive me for not contributing to your line of conversation :)
    I dont think I knew you were in the same boat as I am since no one visits my caretaker blog much...
    and I guess unless you have lost a parent a person doesn't understand what it is like-I guess I will be shocked at my reaction then when it happens to me...right now all I feel is alone & burdened while my siblings say 'great job' but dont help.

  2. Oh, mildred, are you gonna talk about incest and murder? suhweet.

    I remember asking my mother once how she felt about incest. You can imagine the answer. I reminded her that Eve had to have had sex with one or both of her sons in order to get the whole human ball rolling, so to speak...or the boys had sex with their eventual sisters. Or maybe Adam had a little action going on with his daughters later on...along with a few late night booty calls with the sons, just for fun, don't you know.

    I'm not sure that thought had EVER entered her head. She refused to speak about it, and that was the end of it.

    As for the caretaker boat: Add another to the crew list. In my case, the sibs say,"quit worrying. we'll step up when the time comes." hey, the time is here, bitches.

  3. Peaceful, I have been a caregiver for over 10 years. Oh the stories I could tell....and do tell at times. If you chat online and need to blow off some steam to someone who really does understand, I'm on yahoo messenger (red_kitten1)

    Jnuts, I'm gonna hit ALL the juicy stuff. It always makes me wonder how people can just blindly believe. Where the hell was I when the faith gene was handed out? Was I off on a road trip or something? Hey, at least your siblings give lip service to offering to help. Mine have the luxury of living far enough away so it's out of sight, out of mind and quite frankly, I don't think they really feel any need to help or else they would. I'm in it alone...well, not really because my adult children are on the same page with me, but it shouldn't have to be theirs to deal with. Isn't life fun?

  4. I always wondered if God was really omnipotent, ubiquitous and all knowing, why would he or she be so insecure as to need worship from pathetic beings such as ourselves?

  5. in answer to your question: no. life isn't fun.

  6. I loved the Dali Lama quote you gave. Right on the bullseye!

  7. Laoch, we are pretty pathetic, aren't we?

    Jnuts, but it can be at times!

    Doug, I always threatened to become a follower but when it comes right down to it, I just don't seem to have that component to make me a true believer of anything.

  8. Your analysis is right on target. Keep up the good work!

  9. Sandra, thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your feedback.