Let's take a break from reality by having a little fun and hopefully, a chuckle or two. Put your best foot, paw, claw or whatever forward and show me what's lurking just below the surface.

My family eats nothing for lunch
For breakfast we eat Cap'n Crunch
We swing through the trees
With the greatest of ease
Sometimes we're a dysfunctional bunch.


  1. There once was a woman who smiled
    Each rule she broke and defiled
    She drank Ovaltine
    and blogged like a queen
    Was Mildred her name as a child?

  2. Anonymous, I love it! By the way, how does a queen blog? And no, my name was not Mildred when I was a child, but it probably should have been according to some who might remain nameless.

  3. I thought I had something to say
    But forgot it again just today
    It isn't the grog
    It's just Fibro Fog
    And empty this comment will stay

    I think I might steal this idea
    As limericks are nifty and dear
    Our notes will be gay
    In the old fashioned way
    And our friends they will find it quite queer