Christianity teaches "thou shall not kill" as one of the Ten Commandments. As far as I know there was no fine print attached to each of the Ten Commandments as acceptable loopholes. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it does say "thou shall not kill" and not "thou shall not kill except for the lives taken in wartime, people executed under the death penalty and instances of "pulling the plug" on sick people who are virtually dead already, etc. etc." The fine print appears to have been developed to justify a false morality, society’s questionable mores and an ever-growing Christian hypocrisy. Each person can take a simple statement supposedly handed down from God and interpret it to mean whatever they want it to mean, but in reality doesn’t "thou shall not kill" mean exactly that? God's followers seem to twist and turn and scramble His word until the only godly aspect left are the trees cut to make the paper His word is printed upon.

People attempt to justify their actions through holy doctrine and Scriptures, but I can’t seem to find where it’s written that killing is okay sometimes and sometimes it’s not except when God does it or when death is orchestrated in God's name. In fact, doesn't it seem God’s name gets tossed around a lot of places that it has no business being tossed? Personally, I find very little difference in taking a life as an act of war or taking a life of a convicted murderer. The old eye for an eye seems barbaric to me regardless of the circumstances. I see little difference in taking the life of a dying person by pulling the plug or pulling the plug on a nation of people through the horrors of war. To me killing is killing! Let’s face it, war doesn’t only kill the guilty! It kills the innocent, as well! And all "friendly fire" including people wrongly executed gets is a big "oops"!

Are our motives what make some killing acceptable while it makes other killing a crime? Is it humane to end a life of someone terminally ill and justified to end the life of a convicted murderer? Is killing in the name of God justified? Is killing an abortion doctor justified due to believing in the right to life? Can I carry a gun and use it to defend myself against any threat real or imagined? But doesn’t killing even when it's in the name of God go against the whole commandment when God told us "thou shall not kill"? If it sounds like I’m confused, I am. We pride ourselves on being righteous, moral people, champions of justice in the free world and keepers of the faith, yet we kill. We kill our own people. We kill other country’s people. We kill the old. We kill the young. We kill the guilty. We kill the innocent. Would someone please explain God’s commandment of "thou shall not kill" to me so it makes sense? And in the meantime, I'm thankful for only having my own commandments to live by. Those are ones I seem to understand with no difficulty.


  1. god is a figment of your imagination, therefore, it will NEVER make sense. there is no explanation...or some such nonsense as that. let's have a drink and kill a bottle or two.

  2. Jnuts, I think it'd be fun killing my already sick liver with you.