As I was riding around town with the Wimpy Daughter in her princessmobile, Infiniti after having been thoroughly sated with lunch downtown at The Wine Bar (unfortunately, no wine included) and purchasing a pair of sparkly flats, a pair of black boots and a pair of brown loafers (just because I wanted all three), I made an amazing discovery. No, I didn't discover I have a shoe addiction or that I buy things I don't really need.

I had seen a billboard during the photo shoot Wimpy Daughter and I had the previous Wednesday that I wanted to shoot. By the time we reached the billboard I had three big problems. One, the billboard was located along a busy thoroughfare with no place to pull off for an emergency like this. I thought maybe if the Wimpy Daughter drove slow enough I could just hang out the window and snap the picture, but number two on my list of problems made doing that impossible. After almost 2 months of no rain, the skies finally opened at that precise instance to give way to a torrential downpour. In this case, no, I'm neither sugar nor the Wicked Witch of the West who might melt upon saturation. I'm also not a mogwai who would reproduce with a good soaking. It was simply raining too hard to get a good shot of anything. My third problem became glaring apparent as soon as I discovered the billboard was a digital one which had various advertisements revolving on it every few seconds. My crappy little camera doesn't click, click, click quickly like an expensive camera does (Santa, are you jotting this down?), so I scratched the whole idea of the photo and was disappointed because I had started to compose a blog post in my head to go along with it. Don't you hate it when something doesn't work out the way you had planned?

So it was off to Oh Snap! a few blocks away to get my weekly cupcake fix my daughter allows me to have. Having diabetes is a real pain! While munching on a delicious chocolate cupcake, I discussed with the owner various aspects of the bakery business. In my head, $32/dozen for cupcakes seemed pretty steep and I was trying to get a feel for her overhead to see if that price was justified. The conclusion I formed after getting several facts was that although the cupcakes are truly decadent, they're overpriced. Someone needs to cater to the poor cupcake crowd and give Oh Snap! some competition. Perhaps a nice "ghetto" bakery might be just the thing to have for all the cupcakeless people on the Westside of Pensacola.

As we made our way south on Davis Hwy. after a rather involved shoe shopping session which yielded my 3 pair and my daughter's new pair of boots (an annual Christmas tradition), there it was! The rain had stopped. The sun once again was shining brightly. My daughter quickly pulled over into a parking lot so I could get out and snap the photo I had previously been unable to take. As we continued along Davis Hwy, there it was again, but this time nestled amongst the various "gentlemen" clubs that line that section of Davis Hwy. I immediately laughed and told my daughter that I bet those businesses hated having a syphilis billboard overhead, but since this is after all in the Bible Belt some cheapshots towards the morally corrupt can be expected. All total, we saw 6 billboards wanting people to get tested for syphilis. It became apparent to me what I originally found amusing is actually a serious problem here in Northwest Florida. When I told a friend that evening (who works for a local group of surgeons) about the "epidemic" I had single-handedly discovered, she told me that I was right in the conclusion I formed. What a sobering thought!


  1. I would love to trade lives with you for a while. Of course, you may not want to take care of so many cats...or deal with my mother.

    I'm glad you had a wonderful day, filled with WD, shoes, rain and good food. Doesn't get much better, does it?

    I tried to come up with something witty or funny in regard to the sign, but I'm exhausted after all the boring entries dealing with my mortgage miasma.

    Maybe tomorrow.

  2. The sign, I'm sure is helping the tourist industry here along the sunny Redneck Riviera. Oh hell, we don't have to be witty/funny all the time. Sometimes it's nice to just be...

  3. You make me smile. You have no idea how much I have enjoyed being part of your internet life all these years. I'm sending you a warm, heartfelt hug. just 'cause.

  4. oh, and thanks for reading that long, drawn out foreclosure drama. I hadn't really decided whether to attempt writing about it, but you asked and I answered.

    So far, you are the only one who has taken the time, and for that I am humbled. Writing about it was kind of therapeutic in some demented way.And who knows? Maybe I've achieved some sort of weird closure.

  5. I think that's why I asked you to write about it. I know at times when I'm really troubled about something, writing about it helps. It doesn't change the outcome. It just helps me sort through everything and put things in a perspective that makes sense. I've always assumed that as long as I can say I want to go postal, I won't actually do it.

    You don't need to thank me. During the periods when you're absent from here, I get concerned. Blogging relationships while very intimate in nature aren't like real life relationships in which we have he luxury of picking up the telephone or dropping by and giving our support in a more personal way.