Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.
-Nathaniel Hawthorne-

In nature a repulsive caterpillar turns into a lovely butterfly. But with humans it is the other way around: a lovely butterfly turns into a repulsive caterpillar.
-Anton Chekhov-


  1. dayum, these are AND butterflies. I particularly love the one on the lantana.

  2. Jnuts, thank you! I took these while I was in Columbus, Ohio for my birthday in September.

  3. You should post some of the butterflies you took in Key West.

  4. "Don't shade your eyes, ....PLAGERIZE! "

  5. Nice, I used to live in Gluf Breeze a couple thousand years ago.

    I was there when Fredrick blew through around Sept,'79 I think it was...

    Psssst, c'mere, I gotta proposal for ya....


  6. " ....saucy tart extraordinaire " ?

    Oh, I LIKE that!


  7. Anonymous, that's my "Risky Business" look. I remember Frederick. But in comparison to Ivan Frederick was nothing. What part of the universe do you call home now? So what's your proposal? I'm ready for something creative!

  8. Happiness is beating the shit out of some deserving son of a bitch, hehehe

    Like those sons a bitches at Safeway that keep screwing with our gas discounts. Well, maybe you don't have Safeway stores there so won't know what I mean.

    If your ears are burning it may be because you were discussed on my post today, from my perspective of course, that I retain the right to change based on any new information and perceptions. :-)

    I know what you need, you need a big friendly hug…. (((MILDRED)))

    My sister Bev had a bad liver but I don't know if that is what killed her, but she was out of here before she was 65.

    Life is uncertain, eat dessert first.

  9. Sure, Ivan was a big ole badass.

    But Freddy was my first so you know how that is,heh.
    He did a shitload of damage out on Santa Rosa Island.

    If I told ya where I was I'd be having to move somewhere else now wouldn't I? I will tell you we're of the same vintage.

    Hmm, something creative huh? Well that leaves me at the curb. I got a singletrack mind ,what.

    Still got the old bottle clubs downtown or don't you roll like dat? Used to be topless joints all over town, ahhh.....

  10. BBC, I'm sorry to hear about your sister and I always eat dessert first. In fact, sometimes that's all I eat.

    Anonymous, why are you signing your comments as anonymous? Are you a mystery man? I didn't want your address. I was just curious as to what part of the universe you call home now. Since this is a Navy town, there'll always be bottle clubs, titty bars and tattoo parlors.

  11. Yes, that WAS a stupid question come to think about it, pardon me. It just appeared from looking at some of your downtown lunch pix that things have "cleaned up" somewhat; "gentrified" as it were.

    I'm about 9 miles high or six feet under depending.

  12. Anonymous, the downtown area has changed somewhat. So, you're a fellow cave-dweller, but you live on a mountain. Lucky you!

  13. Downtown no longer has Trader Jon's, the Bayfront Auditorium, the Red Garter or the San Carlos Hotel, but there's a big maritime park going in along Main Street with a stadium for the Blue Wahoos (Cincinnati Reds Class AA affiliate).

  14. Since this is a Navy town, there'll always be bottle clubs, titty bars and tattoo parlors.

    Other than a little drinking I never got into that stuff when I was in the Navy. I do have a small tat though, put it on myself when I was about 17, a small heart high on my right arm.

    Bev got her liver problem from a blood transfusion, hepatitis something. She was my favorite sister, not very bright but really sweet. June was okay also, a pretty smart gal, but checked out early also, cancer.

    My brother Art, I don't know if that asshole is still alive or not but if the universe is a fair place at all he's dead. I should have killed that son of a bitch when we were kids, just to make the world a better place.

    Last time I saw him was in my 40's when I proved to him once again that he couldn't kick the shit out of me and I sent him to the hospital for stitches. That stupid little bastard just never learned and kept picking fights with me, after that I refused to be around him anymore, I like my peace and quite.

    But my wife was real proud of me, "Boy, remind me to never piss you off, you're a fighting son of a bitch." :-)

    I knew a man that seemed to live in a bar, he had a t-shirt that said LIVER EVIL MUST PUNISH. He checked out about a year ago.

  15. We are all just prisoners here of our own device...

    I'm having a problem agreeing with that, if I'm not liking something I'm changing it. If that doesn't work I'll try the next thing.

  16. BBC, you are truly exhausting. Are you ever kind or positive about anything? By the way, the line you disagree with is a line from an Eagles song. If you don't like it, then I suggest you take it up with them since I didn't write it. I only borrowed it because I do think we are all just prisoners here of our own device...whatever that device may be. We all have them and they figuratively do keep us imprisoned until we die. Once again, as I always say "opinions vary"!

  17. Great photos, what kind of plant is that black butterfly sitting on? Was Anton Chekhov refferring to BBC?

  18. Adi, that's a Bird of Paradise and you had me rolling on the floor with that comment. Great comeback and even greater mental picture! LOL