I always come to the same conclusion about love and relationships. That same lightbulb goes off over and over again telling me actions really do speak louder than words. Words are easy and often times cheap and meaningless! If someone isn’t willing to back up all their verbal sunshine and roses with stepping up to the plate when it really counts then why do so many of us feel the need to make excuses for their stupidity? Why do we waste our time on people who don’t call us when they say they will, who always are too busy unless they want something from us and who never want to put our needs first? Doesn’t spending time and energy on something that we get nothing from in return become more damaging than being alone? Why do we let ourselves love someone who isn't capable of reciprocating that love?

When I start thinking about what a great catch I am I can smile now instead of feeling rejected, neglected and confused. I no longer beat myself up over anyone's inability to love me. I like myself and just don’t want or need the aggravation of headgames and evasive tactics...either you’re with me or you’re not!!! It’s as simple as that. No shades of gray this time...it’s all clearly black and white. I don’t want or need someone who’s not physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually ready for whatever lies ahead. My babysitting, coaxing and coercing days are behind me. If it takes that much work then I don’t want the job! What I do want sometime in the future is that when the time is right and I reach out again in search of an emotional connection what I grasp is a hand and heart reaching out for me.


  1. Amen sistahh....keep on, keepin on:)

    1. Hey, I think all the good ones who are single must be hiding in some cave. We need to go spelunking!

  2. Yes, we are safe in our caves, thinking the thoughts you expressed in your last paragraph. It safer here. You did it express it well.

  3. Best advice I ever got was find someone boring. I did and I ended up finding a guy who is stable and is there for me when I need him. No head games, no drama, just stable sane and wonderful. Find someone boring.

  4. say spring is almost over - time for a new post !

  5. Just a bunch of damned pink birds? Maybe you should move out here. Every damned bird is brown. BROWN! I would kill to be surrounded by a few of your damned pink birds.