This is Day #14 of 30 SONGS IN 30 DAYS and Day #4 of 30 TRUTHS IN 30 DAYS. 

Okay, I know I'm not following the song list, but since I've always done things my way I figure it's appropriate for me to deviate from the list wherever it suits me. Besides a few of the days seemed redundant to me so I just decided to do my own thing. With that said, it's difficult to pick just one song from a movie, because there are so many great ones. I picked I Don't Want To Miss A Thing from Armageddon because I love the Demon of Screamin' (Steven Tyler). Not only have I seen this movie a gazillion times, it has a special significance to me because my son and his wife played this song for their first dance together at their wedding reception over 12 years ago.

Honorable mention would be, Everything I Do, I Do It For You from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves...another movie I've seen a gazillion times.  Who knew Kevin Costner had such a fine ass!  I think he should have gotten naked more often!

TRUTH #4 - As long as we live and breathe nothing is constant, but change.  As we grow and change so does the world around us. Some change is slow and subtle, while other changes occur in the blink of the eye.  Those of us who are flexible and can accept change as it happens are the people who find inner peace.  We let go of trying to control everything around us because we know the only thing we can control are our actions and our reactions.  There comes a certain freedom in adopting a live and let live attitude.  I can evolve!  You can evolve!  And harmony can exist between the two if we let it. 


  1. That is a great truth! When I was in The Place we had meetings every day that started with The Serenity Prayer, which is right along those lines.
    I've seen Armageddon a zillion times, too, Probably more than I've seen any other movie. Who would've thought that of all the awesome movies out there, Armageddon would be the one that gets watched over and over and over? LOLOL
    Spaced there for a minute, I was singing the song in my head, and remembering Michael Clarke Duncan. :( He was so great in that movie.

    1. I have the Serenity Prayer above my desk as a reminder...