Technological advances in the past few decades have increased the ways in which we can and do communicate with each other. For the most part, those advances have been beneficial. Just think back to the day when we had no cell phones or home computers. We were forced to use
landline telephones and write handwritten letters that took days and sometimes weeks to deliver. Now, in the flash of a few seconds, we can have access to all our friends and family regardless of their location. After the introduction of email, the United States Postal Service felt a pinch because people seemed to prefer the speediness of email to the personal touch of a hand-written letter. I can't even remember the last time I sat down and wrote a letter nor do I remember the last letter I received. Nowadays the word "snail mail" seems to be synonymous with the word "bills", but when it comes time to pay those bills, many of us forego the ritual of bill paying by mail to do it via the internet or through automatic withdrawal. It's all about speed and convenience these days. And no, I don't yearn for the old days because I see most changes as necessary and as having more pros than cons.

As technological advances happen, our complaints also seem to become more sophisticated and aimed towards the technology on which we've grown increasingly dependent and not towards adhering to any type of email etiquette that should in many instances be just good old common sense. But there again, common sense seems to have been replaced by ignorance and apathy.  I find it ironic not to mention annoying that the people who used to complain incessantly about all the junk mail they would receive daily via the postal service and claimed it was both a waste of time and expense for the mailman to deliver all that garbage are the same people who have no problem with showing little courtesy or judgment where email is concerned. They always seemed to wonder why they got so much junk mail and how their names got on certain mailing lists and now, as they holler loudly about all the spam they receive in their email inboxes, they feel the overpowering need to pass along all sorts of garbage to everyone on their contact lists.

I think we all have a special friend or two who forwards everything they receive to everyone else on their contact list without thinking about how they're contributing to the junk mail problem or if they might be offending or annoying anyone with the things they pass along. Don't you just love all those stupid jokes, the mountains of religious and political propaganda that continually circulates and the chain mail type emails you receive promising good fortune to all those who keep the email going?  A similar trend on Facebook seems to be to coerce people to "share" posts as a sign of their support/loyalty for a certain cause or group or to be labeled as a good parent by acknowledging they have a handsome son or beautiful daughter. Just for the record, anyone who knows me knows I'm a devout heathen and a bleeding heart liberal who sees racism or any other amoral bandwagon as the wrong place to be.  Anyone who knows me knows I'd rather walk alone than with a bunch of pseudo Christians who hate everything and everyone who isn't a carbon copy of them. Anyone who knows me knows I love America, but I hate Americans who don't support, defend and respect each other's rights and freedoms. Last of all, anyone who knows me knows I'm such a good parent I hung pork chops around my children's necks to get the dogs to play with them when no one else would.

Below if a perfect example of something circulating on Facebook at this time of year:

If this is truly how you feel wouldn't it make more sense to actually do something for the troops to show your support rather than trying to make people feel guilty so they'll post this on their Facebook page?  What I understand is that actions speak a lot louder than words!


  1. Testify!

    I have so many extreme right wing and extreme left wing friends on FB, I really don't know what to do with them. They're holdovers from when I used to actively play games on there. I decided months ago to fix my problem by not going on there at all except to occasionally check in on my extended family.

    Who, by the way, are some of the worse offenders. Not my immediate family, but my cousins, aunts, uncles? Oh my...

    So yeah, I wonder who comes up with this crap? Don't try to intimidate me, threaten me, coerce me into reposting/liking/sharing something. Wow, hitting a button is really gonna help.

    O-kay, I'm done. :) Great post, LOL!

  2. I really look forward to the day when Facebook tanks.