Saturday, March 28, 2020

Let's Share A Zen Moment

Sit down. Put your feet up. Press play. Close your eyes and let Eva Cassidy take you on a journey over the rainbow to a place where you will find a zen moment or two...enjoy!


  1. I loved that woman. Well, still do. I played "I Know You By Heart" while my mother took her last breaths on earth. I hope she heard her.

    Earlier I sang "You Can Close Your Eyes" to her. I hope she didn't hear.

    And I will take Zen moments anywhere I can get them.

  2. We all need Zen - whether we have a motorcycle to maintain or not. Many thanks.

  3. I listen to classical music during the day as it calms me when I am working. at night, however, all bets are off! jazz, disco, yeah!

  4. thank you for providing some comfort with this.