A few weeks ago I got a letter from my insurance company stating they would no longer cover my Januvia and Zetia. They want me to try a more inexpensive drug first even though these are meds I've been on for quite some time. A few hours ago while I was at the pharmacy, I asked one of the pharmacists what was comparable to those 2 drugs and was told they're in a drug class all to their own. Great! I get it! Kill off people by refusing to pay for their meds and then you don't have to pay any more claims period. Whatever CEO thought that one up, I'd like to shake his or her hand...REALLY! I'm all about loving thy enemy and turning the other cheek these days!

The sad part is that even though I have to have a liver biopsy and a pancreas biopsy, the insurance company could give a flying fuck about my health issues. Why should they care if my triglycerides go sky high without Zetia or if my blood sugar which has been quite impressive lately gets dangerously high without Januvia. I guess they figure with all the other meds I take, a few less pills shouldn't really matter and who am I to argue with that? It's just another "grin and bear it" aspect of life and it seems lately I've been doing a lot of grinning and bearing it.

On a positive note, my grandson (12 years old) is learning Hebrew during his summer vacation just because he can. Is there a Hebrew word for "WTF"? I asked him why he picked Hebrew to learn and he said it's easier than Spanish and who am I, a very learned monolingual wonder to argue with that? But to learn Hebrew for "fun" during summer vacation just doesn't seem like something MY grandson, descendant of Mildred should be doing. I think back to when I was his age and remember my summers. All I can say is "oy vey"!

On another positive note, next week I start my annual trek to Maine. Although, I'm not really feeling up to being festive this year, I know that will change as soon as I get there. This cloud of gloom and doom that seems to be following me around lately will dissipate momentarily. The great Maine ambience and all my old friends will help remind me that what doesn't kill me will only make me stronger! That and a few jello shots will make coming back to Florida to have biopsies somewhat easier. Just for the record... with all the alcoholics I have in my family (me not being one of them), I'm the one who ends up with a diseased liver. You talk about paying for the sins of the fathers!

Gratitude statement: I reserve the right to insert a gratitude statement at some later date!

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