Saturday, April 21, 2018


This is the first post to be transplanted from Abnormally Normal People (ANP) on WordPress. It was originally posted on December 6, 2004 on MS Spaces (Any earlier posts from ANP have been deleted long ago.)
I’m wondering who actually reads blogs and why very few people write any comments on what they read. I have spent hours surfing through blogs writing comments, yet I’ve noticed since I created my blog, I’ve gotten several hundred hits, but only 2 comments have been written. I can’t believe only TWO people in all of cyberspace have something to say. Perhaps it’s my material that loses favor with people. Perhaps people are just out here "seeing" what others are writing about or perhaps people are just too timid to write an opinion. Hey people, please free to tell me I suck and need to go hang myself…I can take it! Write something…ANYTHING!!! Feedback is great and is what all us bloggers crave. What a nightmare to create a blog and no one comments on it…silence during some moments may be golden, but silence on a blog is a true kiss of death. Once I figure out what a blogger’s suicide consists of I’ll let everyone know. I’m sure it’s something creatively sinister!!!
Addendum 12/6/04 10:02 pm: Maybe MSN needs to enable people to search for blogs by category (art, poetry, photography, family, religion, politics, sheer bullshit, etc.) like other sites do (JUST A SUGGESTION, Microsoft and I hope the cyber gods don’t zap me for speaking up!) Currently, the only way a blog gets "noticed" is when it’s new, updated or selected as a featured blog. Keep in mind if you really want to have your blog featured on MS Spaces you have to adhere to George Carlin's "Seven Words You Can Never Say Post on Television  Your Blog." The words are: shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits.(and probably a few others as well.)

MATT December 6, 2004 at 7:18 PMHey there, Remember me? You posted a comment in my blog! Well you’ve gotten another comment! There are plenty of people out there, we are just too lazy to post comments! 😉
MICHAEL December 6, 2004 at 9:57 PMI’m trying to figure this out as well. How is someone supposed to find you and your blog if no one see’s your name in the updated space window. If someone doesn’t bookmark your blog, how do they get back to it? 
CHRIS December 6, 2004 at 9:58 PMHey, thanks for the comment. Though I am not sure if I am going to open it up by site for comments. I am "new" to all this blogging so I am experimenting. I really don’t have time for extended comments– so for example if a conservative replied to me I would be compelled to write them back when I should be doing work. Does that make sense. Anyway go Red Sox! I am from Braintree, transplanted to rural Minnesota. 
NORM December 8, 2004 at 5:30 PMI agree with these guys. *I’m* "out there" and I’ll be back to this site! 
SHANNON December 8, 2004 at 11:06 PMI’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. I will definitely be checking back! You have a real way with words. 
RED December 9, 2004 at 1:16 AMIt’s nice to have people start reading my posts and to see that they aren’t all lazy as Matt claimed they were. I think they just need to be lulled out of their corner to come play in mine. 
JOHN December 24, 2004 at 8:48 AMI was surfing the web and discovered your blog. I was impressed with how you organized the material. Good job.The idea of ’blogging’ is new ( foreign ) to me because I would not normally invade another persons privacy. Your’s is the first website that actually requested responses. Thanks for the invite.I’ll try and make time to come back and read some of your other thoughts.
NOTE TO SELF: I wonder where these people are now.

Friday, April 20, 2018


I'm sure the procedure varies from hospital to hospital and from state to state and probably from county to country as well, but protecting yourself and your loved ones with the right information might prevent a major gut-wrenching ordeal from happening. When a living will/designated health care surrogate/organ donor form is filled out and turned in at your doctor's office and hospital,  most people usually assume that those documents are stored in the hospital's data base and will be AUTOMATICALLY attached to your medical chart if you are admitted to that hospital. 

Making that assumption is your first mistake! DO NOT assume anything especially when it comes to anything as important as your health and your last wishes. Ask questions even if you think you already know the answers. The second mistake commonly made is thinking that even if these documents do make it into your medical chart that they will be honored if the event arises. The ONLY way they will be honored is if your doctor has WRITTEN an order in your medical chart stating DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) and/or any other instructions regarding end of life care. Without a WRITTEN order, if you should happen to have a cardiac arrest or any other life-ending medical occurrence  you will undergo all the heroics known to man.

I often wonder why something so important is handled so poorly. Part of the admitting process is to be asked if you have a Living Will. As the medical chart is assembled, this document should be attached to the FRONT of your medical chart and whatever nurse handles doing intake information once a patient is assigned a bed, should IMMEDIATELY bring it to the doctor's attention so a WRITTEN order can be included in the chart from the very start. The process seems to breaks down somewhere between the admitting process and a patient having CPR administered.

Imagine going through the trouble of discussing with your family what your last wishes are and then not having your wishes honored because there was a breakdown in communication at the hospital.  How do you even begin to tell a loved one who is critically ill that a mistake has been made? How do you calmly, rationally explain the situation to anyone when all you want to do is slap the people responsible? 

I remember my father asking me moments after they had weaned him off his ventilator, "What about my Living Will?" You see as critically ill as he was, he was still aware that his last wishes had not been honored.  That was 10 years ago and to be honest with you, it still haunts me today because I was his Health Care Surrogate. I was supposed to make medical decisions when he was unable to make them for himself. He selected me because he knew my mother was unable to make decisions because the aliens had rendered her incapable of doing anything, but being an empty "pod." In many ways, I'm thankful she was spared the heartbreak of losing her husband and that the responsibility didn't rest on her shoulders.

The agony they put my father through during the final 10 days of his life instead of allowing him to have a peaceful transition is something I'll carry with me for the rest of my days. I only hope that he forgave me for the foolhardy assumptions I made concerning how medical policies at Sacred Heart Hospital (Pensacola, Florida) are implemented and more importantly, when they're implemented. I hope he forgave me for me assuming the medical professionals in charge of his care would actually do their job instead of adding to his pain and suffering.

Yes, he was old and yes, he had some serious health problems, but we all thought when he was admitted to the hospital in July 2008, it would be one of his normal few days of "tweaking"and then he'd be good to go for awhile. Sadly, this round of tweaking turned out to be his last. He fell during his first 24 hours in the hospital and broke his hip which ultimately led to him being sent to ICU to not having his last wishes honored plus a bunch of other stuff mixed in there to add to this deadly clusterfuck he had thrust upon him. 

When I received "that call" we all dread getting in the middle of the night, I was informed that he had been revived after having a cardiac arrest. I rushed to the hospital and stayed there so I could witness his doctor finally writing an order for a DNR in his medical chart. By that time, he was unconscious and on a ventilator, but I think he knew I was there trying to do what he had entrusted me to do. I'm truly sorry that he had to suffer so before he died about a week later. When he regained consciousness for a few days, he told me he loved me. He saw the fear in my eyes and wanted to let me know it was time to let him go and that it was okay to let him go. He was ready to make his final transition. So after suffering from several major medical mistakes made in the last 10 days of his life, he finally passed away. William Paul Caruso may be gone, but he'll never be forgotten. 

NOTE TO SELF: Don't write such long blog posts!

Thursday, April 19, 2018


These were my parting words to WordPress titled :


RANT ON! I thought it’d be a relatively easy feat to move Abnormally Normal People to Blogger to co-exist with Mildred Ratched Memoirs, but that was my first mistake (thinking has always gotten me into trouble). WordPress does NOT want me or anyone else to leave them (we are all just prisoners here of our own device…sound familiar?) which makes it virtually impossible to export your WordPress blog and then import it to Blogger. I’m only assuming this, but I bet it’s just as difficult to import a WordPress blog into any other website as well.
I’ve tried EVERYTHING in the past few weeks that I’ve found as suggestions from the Google search I did and NOTHING works.  I even performed an exorcism, but the demon refused to go anywhere. It’s simple to do the opposite because I tried it. One! Two! Three! Presto! And you can export your blog from Blogger and import it to WordPress. No problem at all! Even imbeciles like me can do it!
What WordPress wants is for its customers who really want to move to pay $129.00 for what they call a Guided Transfer. They can kiss my ass for $129.00. They’ll get my $129.00 when hell freezes over and since this planet is undergoing global warming, I don’t see hell or anywhere else freezing over any time soon (this doesn’t include Maine because they’re still having winter there.) If need be, I’ll move each post one by one and then I’ll delete this bitch of a blog. Fear not because Abnormally Normal People (my 1st born) will always live on, but it’ll live on somewhere else that’s more user-friendly.
The second mistake I made was to try to contact WordPress to discuss a matter of the money I paid for my own domain, etc. that I cannot access.  No access = no use = a waste of my time and money. What I found out is that contacting WordPress directly and talking to an actual human being isn’t on their menu. I called the number associated with the charge listed on my bank account, but got no closer to a human being than being directed to someone’s voicemail. I’m sorry, but I don’t do voicemail. Just ask anyone who knows me, they’ll tell you! Add those two reasons to a bunch of other petty bullshit that has annoyed me about WordPress in the past few weeks and what you have is an unsatisfied customer.  If you look up “unsatisfied customer” in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of yours truly next to the definition. Anyone reading this and wants to visit me elsewhere, please follow the link and meet me at my refuge for the subtly sane, the mentally irregular and the politically incorrect named Mildred Ratched Memoirs. RANT OFF!

NOTE TO SELF: It's better to be pissed off than to be pissed on!

Monday, April 16, 2018


Back in my youth, the mountain men, the lumberjack types, the bad boys...rough around the edges, with a slightly cocky attitude and a great "come hither" look seemed to pull at my heart strings the most. Don't laugh, but I have to admit that on many occasions I had some very impure thoughts regarding what I'd like to do to and with Grizzly Adams/Dan Haggerty on some of those long snowed in days and nights. There was just something about his kind nature and burly exterior that appealed to me. And to think his companion was a grizzly bear! What a shame! Below are a few photos of actors who have definitely made this old heart flutter.
Dan Haggerty 

Keanu Reeves

Matthew McConaughey

Gerard Butler

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Josh Holloway

Sam Elliot

Joe Manganiello

Kurt Russell
So who gets your motor running? Male? Female? Both? Somewhere in between? Let's all have a come to Jesus Mildred moment and spill the beans!