Okay, I've gotten lazy! I'll admit it! I thought I'd change my mp3 player to one that has a playlist on it and that randomizes the songs as people click on my blog. What I found out as I started creating the playlist is that there are no Pink Floyd songs in their database. And when I tried to locate Working Class Hero by John Lennon, I got an ooops, who's John Lennon? I did, however find Imagine by John Lenon...IMAGINE THAT! Come on people, typos are cool, but not on something like that. Typos like that make a person look completely ignorant and insult the artist. I guess the moral of this little rant is that the grass is not always greener on the other side of cyberspace. In fact, I'm beginning to think that's where all the dillholes reside with their dial-up connections.

So flog me for wanting to add a few Pink Floyd songs to my playlist! I like Pink Floyd and have been a fan ever since I heard "Careful With That Axe, Eugene" many, many moons ago somewhere in Providence, Rhode Island on a ferry boat that had been converted into a hang-out for hippies...another story for another time! I sure wish I knew the name of that ferry boat or could find someone who lived in Rhode Island and knows what the hell I'm remembering. For all I know, the whole memory is just a figment of my imagination. NAH! The memory of those giant speakers blasting music straight into my soul is far too real to be a hallucination and the blood curdling scream...it was real! Wasn't it?

Gratitude statement: I'm grateful I can remember anything that happened almost 40 years ago.

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  1. you know what they say...if you can remember those times, you weren't really there.

  2. It's weird...some things are crystal clear and then others are just bits and pieces of jumbled nonsensical things. It never fails when some old friend of mine starts telling me about something I did "back in the day" and I just stare blankly at them because I can't remember. Did I really do those things? Ha! This little chickie got around!

  3. justlock---LMAO

    I FOUND YOU, nurse Ratched. Oh, man, I LOVE Working Class Hero.

  4. I'm a fan of "the wall" I must've listened to it for years and heard something new in it every time..ahh.

  5. Diane, you need to watch out for Jnuts! I'm glad you found where all the yoyos hang out!

    Babe, I've been listening to Pink Floyd since the late 1960's and was really surprised that playlist.com doesn't have any Pink Floyd. I guess I'll have to write in and complain!