For a friend and for anyone who heard the drumming...

Gratitude statement: I'm grateful to have lived in a time that was very different than today's world.


  1. and people wonder why my generation is the way it is.

    thank you, mildred. it puts things in perspective.

    now, take your damned pills. fight the good fight.


    you know, I hate having pain I never counted on when young but, I swear, I'd deal with it straight on if getting old didn't make me (and others of my era) irrelevant.

  2. No need to thank me! Remembering all this is truly bittersweet. Young people were so different then than they are now. People really put it all on the line for the things they believed in and tried to make the world a better place. Wasn't there broherly love or is that just all the drugs and craziness I'm remembering?

    I have this dull ache in my head (the least of all my various pains) that just never goes away and I do take my pills. The problem is the pills don't work.

    I made a friend laugh today when I told her that I was gonna tell my yoyo inspector that I'm gonna "suck a tailpipe". What imagery! We both laughed til we cried and it even seemed funnier when I said "hey, you're not supposed to laugh at anyone talking about ending it". We laughed harder!

  3. i, too, have a dull, throbbing headache at the base of my neck that never goes away. i've had it so long i wouldn't know what to do if it went away.

    i've had x-rays that show nothing, so the doctors aren't really that sympathetic. i've no explanation why it's in the back of my head, but nothing helps. i blame my nastiness on it.

    you have my sympathy, and if I could take your pain, I would.

    and i may be wrong, but I truly believe young people were different during those times. maybe I am wrong, but I choose to hold on to my thoughts about it...otherwise it's too depressing to think about.

    as for sucking tailpipe: do me a favor...suck chrome. leave the tail pipe alone.

    well done video............ stopped me cold.

    people were different then - we cared. passionately. and we were willing to stand up for whatever it was we believed in. we did without. we worked hard to get what we had.

    i too am grateful to have lived in that world of yesterday.

    and i agree - if you must suck something - take the chrome and leave the tailpipe........