This is my beautiful daughter, Princess Christina. She would like to have people believe I hung a porkchop around her neck as a child so at least the dogs would play with her. What a sassy little vixen she is and also she's bursting at the seams from being full of crap! She's talented in so many ways and I truly wish she would see her full potential instead of spinning her wheels like yours truly (I guess this comes from being raised by a mother who had potential, but did everything she could to destroy it).

Gratitude statement: I'm thankful for rubber porkchops because they are reusable!


  1. your daughter is, indeed, beautiful. i would bet that if you asked any of your children, they would disagree about the potential.

    you need me to come down there and give you an attitude adjustment.

  2. I look at her at 34 and remember what I was like then [sigh] Those were the good old days! Stop it, Karen! No they were not good! They were disgusting days filled with disgusting people!

    Geez, I forgot to include that my daughter is a princess. Someone asked me once why I'm not a princess, too and I told them it's because I say "fuck" too much.

    You better bring an army because I have a pretty big attitude! Make sure they all have clubs, okay? If I'm going to be beaten down, I want it to REALLY hurt (like all these rude awakenings aren't painful enough!)

  3. my wheels spin in the direction they want.... somethimes forward...a lot in reverse and hell sometimes the wheel falls completely off! Eventually I will get to where I need to go to reach my "full" potential but until then I will enjoy the ride bumps and all.

  4. Oh fruit of my womb, Princess Honeypot, it kills me to see you or your brothers have bumps in life. What I wouldn't give to have that ride be a smooth one for each of you, but I know you have a good head on your shoulders and that one day you'll give me the thumbs up when you've reached that pinnacle. I really do want to be here for that day so I can share in your happiness. I love you, my dearie darling!

  5. She is gorgeous. I hope she is sweet too. Congratulations.

    Jo Ann