Robert Crumb
Born: August 30, 1943
Crumb was a founder of the underground comix movement and is regarded as its most prominent figure. One of his most recognized works is the "Keep on Truckin'" comic, which became widely distributed in the 1970s. Others Crumb characters are Devil Girl, Fritz the Cat, and Mr. Natural. The first issue of Zap Comix was published in San Francisco in early 1968 and featured the work of satirical cartoonist Robert Crumb.

Gratitude statement: I'm thankful that when I tuned in, turned on and dropped out, I was in good company.


  1. lord, can't believe there's another person who likes and/or remembers ol' robert.

    "keep on fuckin'..."

  2. I used to like to fire up a joint, grab a box of screaming yellow zonkers and get entertained by Robert.

  3. ...well, just follow me.

    received the email yet?

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  5. yep. sure did. it's really nothing. it was the photo of yourself that I color corrected. I'll try with another account. maybe I'll have better luck.

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