No post! Just a picture of where I sit and type and type and type....

Items featured in picture from left to right: a laptop screen, tassels from my 3 children's graduations, a hand statue giving the peace sign (to remind me of my roots), a mouse because I hate the built-in laptop mouse sitting on wizard of oz mouse pad (Dear Dorothy: Hate Oz, Took the shoes. Find your own way home! Toto), a bottle of hand sanitizer for all my dirty jobs & a pencil holder made by my youngest son in 1986 filled with writing implements and scissors sitting on the wooden box I used to keep filled with joints (the box has been empty since 1985 and is now used for paperclips), my trusty 8-ball for all my major decisions sitting on top of my kitty drink coaster, my rolodex sitting on my "little black book" (names with 5 stars beside them probably all have E.D. now), wizard of oz paraphernalia (ruby slippers are made from cast iron and can really pack a wallop...beware wicked witches!) sitting in front of my beautiful reverse painted lamp. On the wall - metal wizard of oz poster and candles on window sill. I guess the only things missing are some incense and a circle of people singing Kumbaya (or Somewhere Over The Rainbow...wait a minute! I already posted that song, didn't I?).

Gratitude statement: I'm thankful for all the great decisions my 8-ball has made for me.


  1. Maybe you need to fill your wooden box with Viagra, so all those 5 star generals can stand and salute you.

  2. peaceful and CLEAN surroundings. I would kill for that reverse-painted lamp.

    you make me want to actually clean and photograph my own little area.

  3. I prefer the tarot deck to the magic 8 ball I guess. The archetypes seem more resonant.

  4. Anonymous, no thanks...I'm in "time out". I guess I keep that address book as a reminder.

    Jnuts, pull out the dust rag and snap a few. I'll leave the lamp to you in my will, but please don't kill me for it.

    Laoch, funny you mentioned tarot cards...I had a deck sitting around here somewhere.

  5. and what of the bats that lurk in your cave? dare we mention them??

  6. Princess, we won't discuss the bats in the belfry!