A loving and concerned relative told me that I needed to get a "herring choker". A what? A downeaster, a lumberjack...a good old Mainiac! You know he might have a point...I have been in self-imposed "time out" what seems like forever. Why? Well, I have impaired judgment when it comes to men. I like the badboys! No, I don't want to fix them...I want them to stay just as they are and there lies the problem. Badboys and relationships don't go together very well. Nice = boring in my mind! Okay, I know that thinking is wrong so that's why I'm in "time-out". Naughty me! I need time to sort through the error of my ways.

Gratitude statement: Thank God for time-out!


  1. BOB (battery operated buddy) is a great alternative to badboys.

  2. LOL
    I tried looking up herring choker in the urban dictionary and the closest thing they had was herring bone. When I read the definition I almost wet myself. Lack of sleep makes everything funny.

    herring bone: the gait of a person who has an itchy anus.

    When I tried to visualize it, I almost fell out of my chair.

  3. I have a 'sister' like you, Mildred, who also likes bad boys, can't get enough. She's still in a bad-boy place in her life. But she isn't in the 'cave stage' yet. How does one change that gravitational pull in oneself? Maybe we will discover that together? Meantime, you have a gift with journalizing your thoughts so maybe that can be one of your Gratitude Statements?

  4. I've been a bad boy, a good boy, and many combinations in between...none work. Women don't have a clue what they want, and I don't have a clue how to give it.

    Thank God, my dotage is just around the corner. I will refuse to give a shit about what women want. That makes me bad, right?

  5. Jnuts (can I still call you that since it's my special name for you?)that just makes you more honest than most men.

    Barbie, I'll save that suggestion for when I'm stuck for a gratitude statement. Thanks!

    Been there, DONE THAT