Eva Cassidy (February 2, 1963 – November 2, 1996)

Gratitude statement: I'm thankful this song makes me feel the same way today as it did the very first time I heard it as a child. I'm sorry Judy, but today Eva is at the microphone.


  1. If I could put this song in my heart and nothing else, I would be a happy, hopeful person.

  2. This is my very favorite version of the song (and boy do I feel traitorous saying that...sorry Judy) and it tears me up even more, knowing that Eva died at such an early age. Hmmm. Think I will put up an Eva song on my site.

    Thanks, Ratched. You're not quite the evil nurse you claim to be.


    when I was a child, The Wizard of Oz played once a year, on Easter Sunday on TV. It was an event that allowed special privilege: we were allowed to spread a sheet in front of the TV and eat our dinner while perched in front of the set. Since dinner was served at the dining table and no where else, this was a treat beyond all others. A picnic in the living room while watching this movie is a memory that is pretty much at the top of my list.

    And, yes, the song touches the same heartstrings as it did over 40 years ago. This ol' fuck is choking back a tear just remembering. In fact, as I get older, the song means more, because of my life experiences...and judy's life, and it's all rolled up into a big ol' ball of psychobabble bullshit and....

    yeah, I love this song. heh.

  3. You know I still watch The Wizard of Oz every year when it comes on TV even though I own it on DVD. My family always asks me why I'm watching it....how does one explain tradition? Man, the movie has all elements in it (earth, wind & fire)...drama, comedy, memorable songs, fantasy, action adventure, horror and scifi. Think of the graphics if they remade it today...nah! They'd screw it up and I'd be disappointed. Hey, did you catch Tinman on the Scifi Channel(I guess it's SyFy now)? Oh by the way, I like your side drivels.