Please allow me to introduce myself!
Any insomniac, addict, mentally or emotionally disturbed person or anyone who has ever been in dire straits and is at the end of their rope with nowhere to go is well-acquainted with temptation, self-indulgence and pleasure seeking behaviors. Satan, imaginary or not, comes in many forms and touches the lives of the most desperate. We are his army, the hedonists of the world. Even when we are not capable of feeling pleasure, there is the memory of pleasure and what a driving force that can be. To love one more time...to feel the pleasure of carnal knowledge and fleshy delights one more time, to experience whatever revs your engines and gets the juices flowing...the ultimate mind candy! Perhaps, he, the undoer of all good is the "secondary gain" (see previous post) keeping all questionable, unhealthy behaviors afloat.

Gratitude statement: I am thankful to be a survivor!


  1. Thanks for visiting. I am happy to hear things are going a little bit better for your S-I-L. The one thing I've noticed from story to story, is that they are all very different. Some people can have a lot of complications and others seem to bounce back just fine.

  2. I believe it's "time" that has stolen our soul and faith...and I still can't figure out the nature of her game.

    Fuck the bitch. She doesn't deserve my sympathy.

  3. Something, thank you for returning the visit. I'm sure everyone's story about organ transplants is unique. At the time, the nephrologists I worked for told me that most people don't live when a double transplant is involved. Even if she's living on borrowed time, I'm sure she's grateful for whatever time those new organs gave her.

  4. Laoch, the finer things in life are great! Give me asti spumante over beer any day...wait a minute I hate beer so give me anything but beer!

    Jnuts, I want "it" back and refuse to just fizzle out...I want to go out in a blaze of glory like i was meant to do.