Saturday, December 03, 2022


Truth #7: Grief isn't something that ever truly ends. You take it with you until the day you die. You learn to live with it and over time the tears become less frequent. The pain fades, but the love you feel remains. The losses of loved ones that touch your life change you and mold you into being a stronger person until that next wave of grief hits. Then for a time you lose your balance and succumb to all the emotions of loss all over again. The process brings me to my knees because my heart aches for the people I no longer have in my life. My heart cries out for them and there is only silence. I know that may sound selfish and so be it. But today I miss my mother and she's gone...


  1. Total truth. Grief stays with us and changes us. And is mostly manageable, and when it is not bites as hard as when it was new. And indeed how/why should we get over grief? The idea that we should implies that we stop loving the person (including the fur people) who has gone.

  2. My heart aches for you. Our first home is in the heart of our parents.